About Claire

As a child, growing up in the Caribbean meant I had the space and freedom with nature to live life to the fullest. Sadly, you don’t appreciate this as a child, and it is not until I was older that I saw how truly blessed childhood was. Having gone to boarding school at 10 years old, I soon learned resilience and independence. An inner strength developed within me, and the bond I formed with my peers was one of mutual support. As this was an all-girls school, I was raised as an equal to everyone else and was never exposed to the inequality issues posed in other areas of society. This is a core belief I keep to this day.

Having lived a carefree early twenties, this all changed as I pursued a ‘real job’ and became part of normal working society. This alone awoke the inner child in me, and memories of the carefree existence of my past helped form the way I now see – that life is there for the taking and we all must do our part to make it count.

Now married with two beautiful sons, I experienced yet another life-affirming moment when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyone deals with cancer in their own way, but for me and my family, it the best thing that could have happened. This was the final piece to the puzzle. and I realised that you cannot control everything, but you can control your reaction to it.

It is this combination of life experiences, together with many professional qualifications in the area, that I have brought together to try to help others. I have a positivity which can be infectious, but more than anything, I want your happiness as much as, if not more, than you do. The feeling of seeing someone you have worked with succeed with the smallest amount of encouragement, support, and coaching is indescribable. Knowing their life has changed track for the better, that they are happier, or more successful, because of my input – however big or small – is pure satisfaction and pride.

It is because of all of this that I thoroughly love what I do. I help people make it count, and making whatever you do count is all I ask for.

Qualifications and Current Professional Engagements

  • BA in Business and Information Systems, University of Greenwich, London
  • Diploma Certificate in Life Coaching, Blackford Centre
  • Certificate in Spotlight™, Performance Preference Coaching
  • Speaker for Education Facilities, Kent, UK
  • TAP Practitioner
  • Certified Coaching for Excellence, Mentoring for Excellence
  • Head of Learning and Professional Development, Coutts & Co, London
  • Certificate in Private Client Investment Advice Management
  • Mentor and Coach of Make It Count Programme

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